Look at those baby blues.


Gorby Photo

What cha thinkin, Gorby?

Gorby, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Gorby – Waggit’s dog of the week.

Gorby’s a Mini Australian Shepard that lives in Noho. He’s super well behaved and one of our favorite dogs on Waggit.

Mini-Aussie Shepards are hard working, smart and athletic. I wonder if they bark with an Aussie accent. Woof or Wuuf? Hmmm.


A Dog Holiday Party – Deck the Balls

Deck the balls with rows-of-pup-pies, fa la la la la-lalalalaaa!   We’re so happy our holiday party was a hit!


Biscuit and Dakota pose with three ladies that can’t get enough of them. We asked for their autographs, too.

Last Saturday, Waggit and our pals from School for the Dogs held a jolly get-together at their training spot in the East Village neighborhood of New York.  Serving up some mini hotdog pastry puffs, sparkling apple cider, and a slew of dog friendly giveaways, humans with pinkies and dogs with paws had a great time hanging out, chatting about our dogs, and taking in some holiday cheer.  Dressed up in his festive red hoodie, Amos, the resident pup at School for the Dogs was a very gracious host.  Thanks for sharing your dog house with us, Amos!

Some of the many prizes were a Waggit t-shirt, a bottle of Hudson Valley Whiskey, a 3-month Barkbox subscription, and free dog-training lessons by Anna Grossman, lead trainer at School for the Dogs.  Not too shabby, if you ask us!  We also gave out bags of Old Mother Hubbard Dog treats.  Did you know that over 80 years ago, Old Mother Hubbard was originally made for sailors, but ended up being more popular as a treat for dogs?  I guess that means the treats really ARE good enough to eat!  If you don’t believe us, read more about the Old Mother Hubbard story here.

Old Mother Hubbard, BarkBox and Waggit sharing some holiday joy.  Oh, don't forget the poop bags.

Old Mother Hubbard, BarkBox and Waggit sharing some holiday joy. Oh, don’t forget the poop bags.

One of the highlights of the party was when Anna shared her dog training expertise in positive reinforcement.  The combination of treats and repetition taught Amos how to use an iPAD!


Amos using an iPad to answer some “Yes” or “No” questions.  “Hey Amos, am I the prettiest girl in the entire world?” Despite his sometimes brutal answers, we know they were 100% honest.

For more pictures from the Deck the Balls Party, come like our Waggit facebook page. We promise to brighten up your day with cute and uplifting dog photos.  It’s also a great way to keep up with all that’s going on in the world of Waggit.

Anyone interested in another party around Valentines Day?  Craving some puppy luv?  Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Happy Holidays!

East Village Holiday Dog Party


East Village Holiday Dog Party

Celebrate the holidays and get some free dog training tips at School for the Dogs.

Giveaways, prizes, food and best of all – friends that love dogs will be waiting.

Dogs optional 😀

School for the Dogs is at 3rd Ave btn 17th and 18th St.

Fundraiser for Animal Haven – Our Rufftop BBQ was a hit!

As the season of flip flops and slurpees come to and end, we couldn’t think of a better send-off than a second “Ruff”top Party to benefit a good cause.


Shout-outs to our Waggit greeters, Linda and Alice!

Teaming up with our pals at Barkbox, the fundraiser was to raise money for for Animal Haven. Animal Haven is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of abandoned cats and dogs throughout the tri-state area. Their adoption center/boutique pet store is located in Soho which makes a great hub for finding great pets who need forever homes while shopping for some great pet products.

Burgers, kimchi hot dogs and beer were enjoyed while we raffled off a 3 month subscription to Barkbox and a basket of Burt’s Bees and L’Occitane to our awesome supporters. Barkbox is a monthly subscription of curated dog goodies delivered right to your door. 10% of their earnings go to a local animal shelter and rescue. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to help sponsor this event.

Everyone capped off their week with good food, great company, and a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline.


Congratulations to our lucky winner!  He’s got 3 months of Barkbox goodies coming his way!

If you are interested in donating to Animal Haven, please checkout their website at animalhavensheter.org. In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for waggit.com to mingle with awesome dogs in your New York area.

Dogs and Coffee Make Work Better

Over the past few months, Waggit’s met some pretty great small businesses that love dogs.  And since Waggit’s a small and growing business, we thought – ‘Hey, it’d be really cool to invite some businesses to our office and make people happy with dogs.’  So that’s exactly what we did.


Waggit, JoyRide Coffee Distributors and Evermore Pet Food have at lease one thing in common. WE. LOVE. DOGS.

Earlier this week, we invited Evermore Pet Food and JoyRide Coffee Distributors to our office in WeWork West Soho for an event we called Canines and Caffeine.  Combining our love for dogs and quality coffee, Evermore served up a wholesome lunch for the dogs while their hard working masters drank freshly brewed Stumptown and Blue Bottle coffee.  Milk and cookies were served while folks that brought their dogs to work had a chance to hang out and get friendly with fellow co-work-dog-owners.


Ike inspects all outgoing coffee.

Dogs playing, small business getting to know potential customers, and our dog themed Spotify playlist made the lunch hour a nice time to kick back and have some fun in the middle of the work week.  We’re just glad we didn’t have any major accidents on the carpet.

If you’re a small business and you love dogs, Waggit would love to get to know you.  On top of our mission to be better to dogs we’re always interested in ways to support local small businesses.  Whether you have a local pet boutique, animal rescue group or even a two-seater coffee shop around the corner, Waggit wants to help you get to know your local neighborhood and grow your business.  So if you’re a small business owners and you’d like to get involved with the Waggit community, drop us a line at info@waggit.com.  We’re a lot like that dog that everyone loves in the park: friendly, eager to please and happy to help.  The only thing we don’t do is sniff butts.

Thanks for reading!


A Fundraiser for Animal Rescue: The Waggit Weenie Roast

Warm summer nights in the New York are great.  Neighborhoods with great bars and restaurants come alive with people looking for a place to chill out and have a good time.  So here at Waggit, we thought, why not invite our friends to chill and hang out while raising money for something we really care about: animal rescue.

So with a lot of help from our friends and some careful planning, Waggit successfully hosted our very first fundraiser – The Waggit Weenie Roast.

Waggit Weenie Roast

Wiener dog jokes aside, over 50 people came out for our modest rooftop party in Long Island City.  With the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop, people loaded up grilled hotdogs with toppings like sauteed kimchi, fresh guacamole, bacon and spicy jalapeno peppers.  And of course – what hot dog spread would be complete without toppings for the ever popular chili cheese dog?

With a healthy supply of chilled drinks and desserts, there was plenty of room to spread out, have a nice conversation and kick back after a long work week.  Combining our love for dogs and New York, two movies were screened at the party.  Best In Show, an obvious dog lovers film, and You’ve Got Mail, a classic romantic comedy that takes place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Riverside Park loves dogs!

At the end of the night, close to $700 was raised to support the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (BBAR) organization.  For the past year and a half, BBAR has found homes for over 275 dogs that came from rural shelters in southern states like Alabama, Florida, and the Carolinas.  By organizing transport, holding adoption events almost every Saturday in Williamsburg, and by being an active support network for owners, BBAR makes it easy to adopt a dog in need of a good home.  For more information, check out their website and pay them a visit at their hangout spot on Saturdays at NYCPet Store in Williamsburg (475 Driggs (by N11th).

Badass Brooklyn

Badass Adoption Event (July 14) from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue on Vimeo.

Waggit would love to feature other rescue groups in other New York boroughs, so if you’re interested in getting your favorite rescue group a shout out on our blog, please write us at info@waggit.com.  We love hearing from our readers!