Dog Fashionistas of New York

Alright New York, get our your Stilettos and sunglasses.  Fashion week is coming.  The dates are Sept 6-13th.

New York City prides itself on New York Fashion Week.  It’s our chance to highlight the best new fashions trends and celebrate textile creativity with a bonanza of fun events.  Think sipping champagne with Vera Wang and seeing Karl Lagerfeld drawing crowds in Soho.  

But did you know that NYC also boasts a Pet Fashion Week?  Showcasing new trends in pet fashion, the event not only happens in New York, but around the world in other fashion hubs such as Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Now, many of us, probably can’t boast having a super fashionable dog, nor have the resources to spend a pretty penny on the accessorizing or dressing up our pets, but there are always ways to have a good time with your beloved pets appearance.

So run out and have a fashion day with your dog and some play mates!  Be sure to bring the camera and let us know how it went.  We’d love to hear some funny stories and share your photos!

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