A Dog Holiday Party – Deck the Balls

Deck the balls with rows-of-pup-pies, fa la la la la-lalalalaaa!   We’re so happy our holiday party was a hit!


Biscuit and Dakota pose with three ladies that can’t get enough of them. We asked for their autographs, too.

Last Saturday, Waggit and our pals from School for the Dogs held a jolly get-together at their training spot in the East Village neighborhood of New York.  Serving up some mini hotdog pastry puffs, sparkling apple cider, and a slew of dog friendly giveaways, humans with pinkies and dogs with paws had a great time hanging out, chatting about our dogs, and taking in some holiday cheer.  Dressed up in his festive red hoodie, Amos, the resident pup at School for the Dogs was a very gracious host.  Thanks for sharing your dog house with us, Amos!

Some of the many prizes were a Waggit t-shirt, a bottle of Hudson Valley Whiskey, a 3-month Barkbox subscription, and free dog-training lessons by Anna Grossman, lead trainer at School for the Dogs.  Not too shabby, if you ask us!  We also gave out bags of Old Mother Hubbard Dog treats.  Did you know that over 80 years ago, Old Mother Hubbard was originally made for sailors, but ended up being more popular as a treat for dogs?  I guess that means the treats really ARE good enough to eat!  If you don’t believe us, read more about the Old Mother Hubbard story here.

Old Mother Hubbard, BarkBox and Waggit sharing some holiday joy.  Oh, don't forget the poop bags.

Old Mother Hubbard, BarkBox and Waggit sharing some holiday joy. Oh, don’t forget the poop bags.

One of the highlights of the party was when Anna shared her dog training expertise in positive reinforcement.  The combination of treats and repetition taught Amos how to use an iPAD!


Amos using an iPad to answer some “Yes” or “No” questions.  “Hey Amos, am I the prettiest girl in the entire world?” Despite his sometimes brutal answers, we know they were 100% honest.

For more pictures from the Deck the Balls Party, come like our Waggit facebook page. We promise to brighten up your day with cute and uplifting dog photos.  It’s also a great way to keep up with all that’s going on in the world of Waggit.

Anyone interested in another party around Valentines Day?  Craving some puppy luv?  Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Happy Holidays!


East Village Holiday Dog Party


East Village Holiday Dog Party

Celebrate the holidays and get some free dog training tips at School for the Dogs.

Giveaways, prizes, food and best of all – friends that love dogs will be waiting.

Dogs optional 😀

School for the Dogs is at 3rd Ave btn 17th and 18th St.

Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Dog

Before you know it, Halloween will be here.  Walgreens will be fully stocked with your favorite bite size candy bars and you’ll be deciding which Halloween party to attend.  But what about Fido?  For those folks that like to dress up their dogs, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to go all out.  Here’s some tips on how to pick the perfect Halloween costume for your dog.

Something that’s ‘with the times’.  News stories, celebrities, social commentary – those always tickle people the right way.  Lady Gaga, Presidential Candidates…people love that stuff.  Not everyone may ‘get it’ – but for the people who do, they’ll appreciate your creativity that much more and you’ll have an instant connection. This was my personal favorite from last year.  Remember this?

Halloween Dog Costume

Antoine Dodson ain’t got nuthin on Antoine ‘Dog’son (for clairity, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzNhaLUT520)

The costume matches the dog. Like people, dogs have personalities and have a certain kind of attitude.  If your Chihuahua likes to prance around and play hard to get, it might be appropriate to dress her like bombshell heart-breaker.  Short skirt, blond wig – I laugh just thinking about it.  Many times, the dog reflects the owner.  So if you dress your dog like a Star Wars character, it just might be saying something about your love for sci-fi.  This dog was made for that hard hat.

Dog Halloween Costume

Think he does a good cat call?

It’s all in the details.  People notice when you’ve done a beautiful paint job or perfectly stitched the two piece doggie swim suit.  If there’s a subtlety in your dogs costume that people smirk at – your dog is getting serious bonus point.

Cesar Milan Halloween Costume

The book cover does it for me.

Have fun.  There’s no point in stressing about something that’s suppose to be fun. If you’re not good with crafts, you don’t have to create your own.  Party City has a whole section for Dog Costumes.  If you really want something original, contact a vendor through Etsy and see how creative you can be.

If you get your friends together and brain storm ideas with each other, you might be surprised at the fun that ensues.  And above all: TAKE PICTURES. Take LOTS and LOTS of pictures.  Cameras phones have eliminated all excuses for this.


Fast Food Collies. Say, ‘Cheeeeseburger!’

After all that hard work getting your dog a great costume, make sure you share the love by bringing your dog to a Halloween Dog Parade.  Your neighbors will thank you for it.

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