Free Spay/Neuter – An Event by the ASPCA

Spade or neutering your dog is probably one of the most important first steps to caring for a dog.  Overpopulation of dogs and cats is one of the reasons many animals are put down, so preventing as many ‘oops!’ puppies as possible can literally save lives.

However, bringing the dog to a clinic and having the money for vet bills can prevent a lot of owners from going through with this very important procedure.  But did you know there are organizations that provide FREE Spay/Neuter services?  Yup! – FREE!

One of the largest organizations that provide this service is the ASPCA.  A nationally recognized group that’s headquartered in New York CIty, the ASPCA campaigns too support animal welfare and fight animal cruelty.


ASPCA Volunteers

Friendly ASPCA volunteers that come the rescue of some dogs in need of some TLC.

A bit closer to home, to encourage New Yorkers to spay/neuter their dogs and cats, they’re hosting an event called Operation: Sunset Park in Brooklyn on Saturday, Sept 15th.  Here’s the details:

  • Bring your pet to 38th St between 4th and 5th Avenue (Sunset Park, Brooklyn)
  • Arrive by 7am for free spay/neuter surgery for your cat or dog, but be prepared to wait  a few hours before your pet goes in.  I guess that’s the down side of it being free.
  • Along with the free surgery, get FREE vaccinations and microchips for your pet (this is a sweet deal, folks.)
  • Healthy dogs and cats between 8 weeks and 6 years are the best candidates for the procedure.
  • Animals younger than four months should eat a small breakfast at around 6am the morning of surgery.
  • Animal older than four months: NO FOOD AFTER MIDNIGHT PRIOR TO SURGERY.

Since the service is free, come early and be prepared to wait.  But while you wait, it’ll prob be a great chance to meet other new dog owners and swap stories, get friendly and talk about dogs.  The event will be giving away free stuff, so that’s always nice too.

Sometimes, dog owners just don’t have the money to afford proper veterinary care.  But at least with events like this, putting in a little time can go a long ways for you and the dog you love.   Organizations like the ASPCA can do some real good and probably have resources that you don’t know about.  So if you’re in a bind and are looking for programs local to your area, it worth checking out their website.

Spay or neuter your dog, folks!  It’ll get you one step closer to being the responsible dog owner you’ve always wanted to be!

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