Dogs and Coffee Make Work Better

Over the past few months, Waggit’s met some pretty great small businesses that love dogs.  And since Waggit’s a small and growing business, we thought – ‘Hey, it’d be really cool to invite some businesses to our office and make people happy with dogs.’  So that’s exactly what we did.


Waggit, JoyRide Coffee Distributors and Evermore Pet Food have at lease one thing in common. WE. LOVE. DOGS.

Earlier this week, we invited Evermore Pet Food and JoyRide Coffee Distributors to our office in WeWork West Soho for an event we called Canines and Caffeine.  Combining our love for dogs and quality coffee, Evermore served up a wholesome lunch for the dogs while their hard working masters drank freshly brewed Stumptown and Blue Bottle coffee.  Milk and cookies were served while folks that brought their dogs to work had a chance to hang out and get friendly with fellow co-work-dog-owners.


Ike inspects all outgoing coffee.

Dogs playing, small business getting to know potential customers, and our dog themed Spotify playlist made the lunch hour a nice time to kick back and have some fun in the middle of the work week.  We’re just glad we didn’t have any major accidents on the carpet.

If you’re a small business and you love dogs, Waggit would love to get to know you.  On top of our mission to be better to dogs we’re always interested in ways to support local small businesses.  Whether you have a local pet boutique, animal rescue group or even a two-seater coffee shop around the corner, Waggit wants to help you get to know your local neighborhood and grow your business.  So if you’re a small business owners and you’d like to get involved with the Waggit community, drop us a line at  We’re a lot like that dog that everyone loves in the park: friendly, eager to please and happy to help.  The only thing we don’t do is sniff butts.

Thanks for reading!


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