A Fundraiser for Animal Rescue: The Waggit Weenie Roast

Warm summer nights in the New York are great.  Neighborhoods with great bars and restaurants come alive with people looking for a place to chill out and have a good time.  So here at Waggit, we thought, why not invite our friends to chill and hang out while raising money for something we really care about: animal rescue.

So with a lot of help from our friends and some careful planning, Waggit successfully hosted our very first fundraiser – The Waggit Weenie Roast.

Waggit Weenie Roast

Wiener dog jokes aside, over 50 people came out for our modest rooftop party in Long Island City.  With the Manhattan skyline as our backdrop, people loaded up grilled hotdogs with toppings like sauteed kimchi, fresh guacamole, bacon and spicy jalapeno peppers.  And of course – what hot dog spread would be complete without toppings for the ever popular chili cheese dog?

With a healthy supply of chilled drinks and desserts, there was plenty of room to spread out, have a nice conversation and kick back after a long work week.  Combining our love for dogs and New York, two movies were screened at the party.  Best In Show, an obvious dog lovers film, and You’ve Got Mail, a classic romantic comedy that takes place on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Riverside Park loves dogs!

At the end of the night, close to $700 was raised to support the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue (BBAR) organization.  For the past year and a half, BBAR has found homes for over 275 dogs that came from rural shelters in southern states like Alabama, Florida, and the Carolinas.  By organizing transport, holding adoption events almost every Saturday in Williamsburg, and by being an active support network for owners, BBAR makes it easy to adopt a dog in need of a good home.  For more information, check out their website and pay them a visit at their hangout spot on Saturdays at NYCPet Store in Williamsburg (475 Driggs (by N11th).

Badass Brooklyn

Badass Adoption Event (July 14) from Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue on Vimeo.

Waggit would love to feature other rescue groups in other New York boroughs, so if you’re interested in getting your favorite rescue group a shout out on our blog, please write us at info@waggit.com.  We love hearing from our readers!


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