Broadway Barks – Classy in New York

July has been a great month for the New York pet scene.  Besides setting a world record for biggest dog wedding, another note-worthy event was Broadway Barks in the historic Schubert Alley of Times Square last Saturday, July 14th.  

A 14 year tradition, Broadway legends the likes of Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters brought their personalities onto an outdoor stage to raise awareness about homeless pets in New York and promote adoption.  With the help of several dozen organizations, the Alley and 45th street were flooded with devoted volunteers ready and prepped to get dogs and cats adopted in the spot.  Partnering with The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and the ASPCA, the event is great example of how New Yorkers can mobilize and evangelize pet adoption while having great time.

This Husky got worn out signing autographs for the Husky House.

The streets were packed as hundreds of onlookers were lured in by the well known actors holding the most adorable pets in need of loving homes.  For more information about ways to adopt a pet in New York, the Mayor’s Alliance partner list is a great resource for you to start your search.

Maybe you’ll find a puppy as cute as this to adopt?

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