Our Favorite On Screen Dogs

CBS is premiering a new show called Dogs in the City, which made me think of all the times I’ve seen and admired dogs in media.  From 1980s kids movies to modern popular TV shows, dogs have been the popular heroes and faithful companions of our most beloved characters .  Here are some of my personal favorites:

All Dogs Go To Heaven

This movie is great because it illustrates the connection between a little girl and an dog.  So sweet and super cute.  Plus, the overarching message is that dogs have personalities, can be imperfect, and learn lessons – just like people.  Plus, Charlie’s side-kick dog pal’s name is Itchy Itchiford.  How awesome is that?

  • Yellow Lab from Downtown Abby (Does anyone know if he has a name??) 

This dog may not be central to this plot of this riveting BBC drama, but what’s great about this dog is that his presence subtlety reflects his masters way of treating everyone with kindness, regardless of class or reputation.  Next time you watch an episode, watch out for the dog.  He turns up in the most tender of scenes.  If you love dogs and Downtown, you might find this writeup from Dogster amusing.

  • Eddie the Jack Russel – from Fraiser  

Dogs can soothe the soul, but they can also be gosh darn funny.  Eddie always turned up in those ironic moments that diffused the situation and made us laugh out loud, just by staring!  It was like he knew exactly how to outsmart Fraiser to the point of ridicule.  Dogs do that.  They make us laugh at ourselves.  They give us perspective on life that makes things feel simple and secure.  So besides making us laugh with hilarious dog photos, dogs really do make us better people. 

Anyone else have a favorite on screen dog?  Would love to hear about it.

Honorable MentionDug the Golden Retriever from Up

Perfect line: ‘But it’s a TALKING DOG!’ Don’t you wish we lived in a reality where dogs really COULD talk?  If they could, they might sound like this.

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