Looking For A Pet Community?

The digital pet industry has become ever so crowed with pet dating websites, funny videos and online pet stores.  But has there ever been an online pet community that promotes deeper and more meaningful relationships? I’m sure we all look within our community to help with our pet caring duties as it’s a challenging task. But what IS a pet community you ask?

(Credit www.sheknows.com)

Waggit envisions pet community as a hyper-local, organic community of owners and enthusiasts, coming together sharing funny stories, pet sitting favors, and the most current pet care tips. It’s like the cast of FRIENDS where trustworthy and reliable people celebrate and develop their love for pets. People can get connected online or in person – whatever suits their needs. It could be with apartment neighbors, or the person 3 blocks down the street. We want Waggit to become a new way for people to make lasting friendships through the power of pets.

Think of all the times you had to go back and forth to check up on your pet. Remember those difficult times where you needed to ask someone for a ride to take your pet to a vet or a far away park? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a local community that could help you with all that? We really believe local pet communities can offer that kind of support.

Everybody could use a little extra help these days, just let us know how we can help. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts!

Now that you’ve heard our perspective, what would you like to see in your pet community?

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